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Sincere Ontwerp Centrum

European Design Center


In early 2017, the Sincere Design industrial team wholly-owned by Xinhuaheng Enterprise Group was formally established. The design center was established in Eindhoven, the European industrial design capital of the Netherlands. Eindhoven is the hometown of Philips, and the Netherlands is a modernist design. , The hometown of internationalism style. As the descendants of Rembrandt and Van Gogh, the Dutch have never lacked artistic temperament, but if you look back at history, it is easy to find their strong practical style. Sincere Design design center cooperates with outstanding designers from the Netherlands and even Europe to create exciting and successful works.

We all know that the design of the future can no longer be completed by a single professional.

We therefore by industrial designers, interaction designers, market researchers, strategists and manufacturing engineers, as well as experts from brand to professionals in various fields such as artificial intelligence to solve the world's biggest problems.







product brand

Vincent. Z

In Xingsi Design Center, we not only help users create beauty, but also focus on the profitability of products. We respect other professions required to bring new products to the market. We will work closely with all relevant professions and incorporate them Our industrial design process works closely together. In the actual process of product development, professional individuals cannot complete the design alone. This must be the result of a team's concerted efforts.


Mechanical Engineer

With a love for solving any problem she can find and a knack for working in teams, Megan has always had the makings of an engineer. As a recent graduate she is still feeling out her favorite part of the mechanical engineering process (though 3D modeling is vying for the top spot), but there isn't a part of the process she doesn't find interesting—from brainstorming to 3D models to prototyping to final testing, Megan likes it all!


Senior Engineer

Slade is a man of many talents. A firm believer that innovation is easier when you know a little about a lot, rather than the other way around, he is a mechanical engineer with an eye for both function and aesthetic. This, alongside his passion for learning, drove him to co-develop a new additive manufacturing technology and form a 3D printing company, called Sculptify. For Slade, his work is all about impact: whether it's a client, user, or coworker, to positively affect someone's life is a powerful thing.

Sincere Design
Committed to the improvement and innovation of medical equipment products,
designing products that meet market needs, improving the work accumulation of medical staff, and improving work efficiency and service standards.

Sincere Design
Use industrial design, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, software, firmware, fluid, optics and artificial intelligence to integrate the whole process to create every beautiful masterpiece.

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