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History of Enterprise 



Launched the Xixin Industrial Intelligent Manufacturing Platform Project


Founded Vulcandor European Industrial Design Centre (branch company)


Launched the Xinhuaheng Intelligent Manufacturing Ten-Year Plan.


Founded Nanjing Xixin Industrial Automated Equipment Co., Ltd


Began with the establishment of Xinhuaheng Enterprise Group


The company’s headquarters was officially relocated to the  East District of Nanjing Economic Development Zone. The new construction area of 2,600 square meters, with a brand-new office building: welcome area and product showcase area on the ground floor; office and reception area on the first floor; and meeting area, reception area, and Technology Business Incubator area on the second floor.


A business plan of Nanjing Xinhuaheng’s stainless-steel macro marketing was established, and has been approved by the East District Management Committee of the Economic and Technological Development Zone, and will receive more land and financial support. Now, the plan is gradually being carried out.


Started the establishment of Nanjing Xinhuaheng Medical Device Enterprise Technology Business Incubator: providing support for retired soldier and college student pioneers; providing venues for re-examinations of old medical device sales companies; providing high efficiency and quality services for company registrations and other annual examination renewal; and becoming the ideal place for ambitious pioneers to establish.


Completed the establishment of Xinhuaheng Automation Research Institute, and officially launched the research on the digitalization of hospital operating room.


Completed infrastructure projects such as dormitory, factories, canteen, and multiple-use building, in the Jing'an Sanjiangkou Industrial Park from the East District of Nanjing Economic Development Zone. The construction area reached more than 13,000 square metres. Started the relocation work of the company’s office and production, and was officially completed in January 2009.


Registered for a state-owned land expropriation of 40,000 square metres in the East District of Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone.


The company rearranged its marketing and sales system, and established a sales department, a e-commerce department, and an after-sales service department.


Xinhuaheng entered a period of rapid development.


Xinhuaheng founded.

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